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Horse Details Database

The Horse Details Database includes :

  • Name
  • Breed
  • Colour
  • Sex
  • Height
  • Year foaled
  • Year bought
  • Date sold
  • Cost
  • Equine eg Horse/Pony/Donkey/etc New
  • Make New
  • Mould New
  • Scale New
  • Finish New
  • Photo New

The version shown is the full software with all the options which includes the option to display the show records for a particular horse in the database window using a drop down list of names on the left hand side.

You can add information and change things in the database directly in this window but changes will only be saved when you press ‘Save database’.

The horse database can be sorted in any order by clicking on the column name. You can reverse the order by clicking it again.

You can have many different horse databases. If you have a lot of models it may be easier to split them up by size, or make, or breed, etc. I am currently running one containing approximately 200 models with no problems. This is included with any software you buy. Basic printing is included. The database can also be copied and pasted into Microsoft Word, etc for more elaborate printing.

New horses are added to the database using a separate form. The file name is the name used from the horse's individual files and can be set to anything. It defaults to the name of the horse with any spaces removed. If you have the show records version which includes a points scheme any existing points totals can be added to the database, otherwise the right hand side does not appear. The minimum information you need to enter is ‘name’ and ‘file name’. Click ‘Add to database’ to store the information. The horse will now be displayed in the main menu data window.

If you want any columns removing or extra columns adding please ask. Changes to this database are usually free.

The Horse Details Database is included with all the model horse programs and can be bought alone.

The price for the Horse Details Database alone is £5.00.

Prices start from £10.00 for the Horse Details Database and one of the other databases, eg show, pedigree or photo databases. P&P is free to the UK.

Free Demo Software

A free demo program is available that lets you run the full program but limits you to 5 models only. Please email me at the address below for a free CD or zip file of the demo.

Any Questions?

Please contact Celia at: sales@cmgsoftware.co.uk