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Breeding Records & Pedigree Database

The Horse Details Database is included with this software. It includes all the horses details including make, mould and finish. It can be displayed sorted in any order. You can have many different horse databases. If you have a lot of models it may be easier to split them up by size, or make, or breed, etc. The Breeding Records Database includes details of foals. There is a separate database for each horse. It can be sorted in any order. New breedings are added using the following window:

If you want to change the database fields just let me know. Once a row has been added to the database you can type extra information into the main window so you don't have to wait until you have the full details of the foals before you add them. Extra information can be added at any time.

The 'View Pedigrees' buttons opens up the Pedigree window shown below:

Each horse has it's own separate pedigree file. The pedigree database will go up to 5 generations. The columns automatically resize to the length of the names each time it is opened.

Pedigrees or parts of pedigrees can be copied from one horse to another or within the same pedigree using the Copy and Paste buttons. Just click on the horse name to be copied and press ‘Copy’ to store it. The pedigree following the name is also copied. Then open the pedigree it is to be put in to, click on the start place where it is to be placed and press ‘Paste’. The stored part of the pedigree and then be copied in to the spaces. It will be cut off if it goes outside of the table. Parts of pedigrees can be copied to different columns and the program will sort it out. You can open more than one pedigree window at once and copy from one to the other.

Real horse pedigrees can easily be stored in a separate horse database for people who do real pedigree research as well and wish to keep them apart.

Basic printing is included. The database can also be copied and pasted into Microsoft Word, etc for more elaborate printing.

The software runs on any PC running Microsoft XP, Vista or Windows 7.

The Horse Details Database and Pedigree Database costs £10. The show and/or photo databases can be added to this. Each extra database costs £5. P&P is free to the UK.

Free Demo Software

A free demo program is available that lets you run the full program but limits you to 5 models only. Please email me at the address below for a free CD or zip file of the demo.

Any Questions?

Please contact Celia at: sales@cmgsoftware.co.uk