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Photo Database

The Horse Details Database is included with this program and includes all the horses details including make, mould and finish.

Each horse has it's own separate photo database. The photo database stores the location of your photos on the hard disk and includes activity and note columns for any notes, eg 'on-line photo','original', etc. The database can be sorted using these columns.

When you add new photos they are displayed before being added to the database so you can check it is the correct one. Any labels and comments can be added at this point.

The photos can be displayed at any size (including full screen) without distorting. You can also open up more than one photo which makes it easy to compare them and select the best one after a photography session. Photos can be deleted from the hard disk without leaving the program. Photo printing is not included as there are a lot of  free programs that do it very well.

The software runs on any PC running Microsoft XP, Vista or Windows 7.

The Horse Details Database and Photo Database costs 10. You can add the show and/or pedigree databases to this. . P&P is free to the UK.

Free Demo Software

A free demo program is available that lets you run the full program but limits you to 5 models only. Please email me at the address below for a free CD or zip file of the demo.

Any Questions?

Please contact Celia at: sales@cmgsoftware.co.uk