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CMG Software presents our latest range of software

Model Horse Records Software

This software provides you with :

  • Horse Details Database
  • Show Records Database
  • Pedigree Database including Breeding Records database    New!
  • Photo Database
  • Body Database New!

These programs can be bought separately or in any combination. Once you have the Horse Details Database you can add the other programs on at any time without having to re-type all your existing data. All databases include a basic printing option.

The software runs on any PC running Microsoft XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Prices start from 10 for the Horse Details Database and one of the other databases, eg show, pedigree or photo databases. P&P is free to the UK. Free demo software available (see below).

Horse Details Database

The Horse Details Database  includes all the horses' details including make, mould and finish. It can be displayed or sorted in any order. You can have many different horse databases. If you have a lot of models it may be easier to split them up by size, or make, or breed, etc. I am currently running one containing approximately 200 models with no problems. This is included with any software you buy. Now includes the option to add a photo.

Show Records Database

Each horse has a separate show records file, which can be displayed in the main window and sorted in any order. When you enter new show records you only have to type the show details in once, then add the class details and select the horse's name to add the records to it's individual show record file. This saves a lot of time. I do have versions that can calculate points won over show seasons and for grading schemes including performance money/points. Multiple schemes can be included in the same program. Please enquire if you would like one of these more advanced programs. 

Club Points Schemes

I can add a club's points scheme to the Show Records Database so that the points are automatically added up and the current grade/award level is displayed. The Model Horses Unlimited award scheme is already available and includes performance club points as well. The Model Horses Unlimited program keeps points and grades for the lifelong award scheme as well as the annual awards. The IPABRA Points scheme has now been added. IMEHA and TOPSA season and lifetime totals, and race winnings (lifetime total) have also been added. If you would like your club's points scheme to be added to the Show Records Software please contact me. Multiple points schemes can be added to the software if you belong to more than one club.

Pedigree Database

Each horse has it's own separate pedigree file. The Pedigree Database will go up to 5 generations. Pedigrees, or parts of pedigrees can easily copied from one horse to another. Real horse pedigrees can easily be stored in a separate database for people who do real pedigree research as well and wish to keep them apart. This now includes a breeding records or progeny database (including a photo option).

Photo Database

Again each horse has it's own photo database which can be sorted in any order. The database includes the photo's file location and two comments fields eg activity and photo type like 'topsa sized' or original, etc. The photos can be displayed at any size (including full screen) without distorting. You can also open up more than one photo which makes it easy to compare them to select the best one after a photography session. Photos can be deleted from the hard disk without leaving the program.

Body Database New

The Body Database  holds the details of horse models including location, make, mould, finish, quality, etc. Now you can keep track of body box including where they are and which box they are in. It can also be used to keep track of what models you own, what they are and how much you paid for them.

Free Demo Software

A free demo program is available that lets you run the full program but limits you to 5 models only. Please email me at the address below for a free CD or zip file of the demo.

Any Questions?

Please contact Celia at: sales@cmgsoftware.co.uk