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Body Database

The Body Database  holds the details of horse models including location, make, mould, finish, quality, etc. Now you can keep track of body box including where they are and which box they are in. It could be used to keep track of customising orders and where they are up to. It can also be used to keep track of what models you own, what they are and how much you paid for them.

The Body Database includes :

  • Make
  • Mould
  • Size
  • Type
  • Sex
  • Condition
  • Cost
  • Bought
  • Location
  • Position
  • Status
  • Photo

The body database can be sorted in any order by clicking on the column name. You can reverse the order by clicking it again.

Basic printing is included. The database can also be copied and pasted into Microsoft Word, etc for more elaborate printing.

New bodies are added to the database using a separate form. 

If you want any columns removing or extra columns adding please ask. Changes to this database are usually free.

The price for the Body Database alone is 5.00.

Prices start from 10.00 for the Horse Details Database and one of the other databases, eg show, pedigree or photo databases. P&P is free to the UK.

Free Demo Software

A free demo program is available that lets you run the full program but limits you to 5 models only. Please email me at the address below for a free CD or zip file of the demo.

Any Questions?

Please contact Celia at: sales@cmgsoftware.co.uk